AARP Medigap Plans 2017

The supplement plans you may be looking for are available from many different insurance companies. You will want to look at as many of them as you can and see how their prices compare. Let’s focus on AARP here though. The AARP Medigap Plans for 2017 are backed with AARP’s reputation and extensive resources.

A Great Company

The company has been in the senior business for a long time, both as a charity organization ad as a provider of insurance, financial and support services. Basically, if you need anything as a senior, from lifestyle advice to coverage for your expenses, AARP has some sort of solution for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are your best option for Medigap Plans, but they are a respected company with a lot of experience at handling senior affairs and providing services for the elderly and retired.

Which Plans are Best?

The Medigap Plans they are selling come straight from Medicare. It is up to Medicare to decide on the amount of coverage each plan is supposed to have. It is also their prerogative to change that coverage when they see fit. They will let you know, if you are a Medicare subscriber, long before they make those changes, but just know that AARP doesn’t have any control over what kind of coverage Medigap Plans has to offer.

Where AARP does exercise its control is over the rates for the AARP Medigap Plans for 2017. The price for those plans is entirely up to AARP, and Medicare makes no guidelines for the price ranges of these plans. What you get then is the same coverage as you would find anywhere else you buy the pans, but at a different price. There is, of course, the difference in customer service and member benefits to consider as well, but coverage does not differ between insurance companies.

Choosing a Plan

Now AARP may not be offering the full lineup of Medigap Plans. They are not required to. What they do offer tends to be diverse enough to meet most needs. If you find that none of their plans are going to suit you, you may want to look elsewhere to see if there is a plan that fits you better.

Typically, they will offer the plans that more people sign up for, such as Plan F, the full coverage plan. With Plan F you will receive coverage for any and all supplemental medical expenses. Medicare leaves some gaps in coverage for the expenses it provides coverage on. It may only cover some expenses partially, and Plan F covers all those gaps.

Other plans provide lower coverage, but that can be a good thing. With less coverage, you also enjoy lower rates, and that can be a great tradeoff for people who have only some medical problems and who wouldn’t really benefit from a lot of coverage.

If you are considering the AARP Medigap Plans for 2017, be sure to look through all their options. Most people can find a plan that suits them well just from AARP’s offerings, but do keep your options open just in case.