Best Medicare Supplement Plans 2017

It can be hard for seniors to find the information they need to determine the Medicare supplement plan that is right for them. Here we will take a look at the best Medicare supplement plans for 2017. These are all plans that anyone needing coverage beyond what original Medicare offers should at least consider. We will focus on the plans offering the most coverage, as they tend to provide the best value for your money.

Is Plan F the Best? Maybe Not!

Plan F fits that bill, for the most part. It is a high coverage plan, but it is rarely cheap. As the plan that offers the most coverage, it tends to be very expensive, and you really only want to consider this plan if you have extensive medical needs and would have to visit the hospital frequently throughout the year. If that is not the case, then you will be paying too much for your coverage with this plan.

Plan G in 2017 – Get Ready!

A better option for many is the slightly cheaper Plan G. This one brings subscribers about the same coverage as Plan F, with the only exception being coverage for a Medicare Part B deductible. That’s an expense you really only need to pay with each hospital visit, so it may be wise to go for this plan instead if you don’t think you will have to go to the hospital very often. It is usually cheaper to use Plan G instead of Plan F because the cost of paying that deductible tends to be less than the difference in rates between the two plans.

Medigap Plan N – A Great Underrated Plan

Then we have Plan N, which has a decent amount of coverage still, but is the cheapest of the three plans we are discussing here. Plan N is one of the best Medicare supplement plans for 2017 because it can provide lots of coverage at a great rate. The cost you pay for this plan and any other will depend on which insurance company you are using, but Plan N will always be cheaper than plans F or G. The difference in coverage is that you will need to pay for some minor co-payments, some excess charges and the Part B deductible for yourself.

How do you choose among these plans and the others that are available? You will have to contrast them against the kind of coverage you need. Your medical needs and your budget help to determine the right plan for you. If you cannot afford Plan F, even with all tis expansive coverage, then you need to look at some other options. A lot of insurance companies will recommend Plan F, but most Medicare subscribers would pay more than they have to by signing up for that plan.

Consider both Plan G and Plan N as good alternatives and some of the best Medicare supplement plans for 2017 They both offer substantial coverage at a reduced price to Plan F, and they are great alternatives for people who don’t necessarily need the maximum amount of overage.