Medicare Supplement Plan F 2017

Medicare Supplement Plan F 2017

When people talk about high-coverage Medicare supplement plans, one plan sticks out more than the rest. That is Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2017 that they are likely thinking of, as it is the only available plan that can cover all supplemental expenses. None of the other plans can manage to do that, though some come very close.

Plan G comes the closest, covering everything except the deductible from Medicare Part B. Because that one deductible doesn’t cost very much, unless it is charged many times throughout the year, it is often a good idea for people with many coverage needs to use Plan G instead of Plan F. That’s because Plan G is fairly cheap compared to Plan F. That makes it a smart buy most of the time. But before we recommend a different plan, let’s look at what Plan F has to offer.

First off, Plan F gives Medicare subscribers coverage for all the basics. What is the most essential hospital expense- the one that often costs the most and is charged to the most people? That’s hospice care, which is the cost of staying in a hospital room, also known as Part A coinsurance. Plan F pays a large potion of that, on top of what basic Medicare covers.



It would also take care of pretty much any deductibles and copayments associated with medical expenses. In some circumstances there may be some of these for Plan F subscribers to pay, but the most common deductibles and copayments would be covered.

Medicare Supplement Plan F for 2017 further covers nursing care, more blood each year (as much as three additional pints), and excess charges that sometimes result from Medicare Part B expenses. Even foreign medical emergency care can be mostly covered.

 medicare supplement plans 2017What all this coverage comes up to is a plan that is as comprehensive as any supplemental plan can be. There are other medical expenses that you may have, and it won’t cover all of your hospice care or foreign emergency care, but it easily covers the majority of them.

Now it is definitely worth comparing this plan with Plan G. Plan F covers a lot, but so too does Plan G. In fact, Plan G is so similar to Plan F that most people who subscribe to it never notice the difference. They will notice the price difference, however, as the plans are often quite distinct price wise.

Plan G may be costly, but it usually doesn’t cost nearly as much as Plan F. For those looking to save money, even if they have a lot of medical expenses, Plan G is certainly worth a look. It offers some of the most comprehensive coverage around. But it manages to do so while presenting a reasonable price. Medicare Plan F for 2017 is often priced astronomically, and Medicare subscribers need to be aware of that. Savvy subscribers can save quite a bit of money by choosing the right plan for them.


Medicare Supplement plan f 2017