Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

The insurance coverage provided by Medicare may not be enough for some people. It won’t cover all of your expenses, and if you have quite a few left over each month, then you should be considering supplemental insurance. Specifically, you should look at Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018.

What the Supplement Plans Are

Supplemental Medicare plans attach onto your existing plan. You have to have that base Medicare plan to qualify for them, but once you can qualify for basic Medicare, you automatically qualify for Medicare’s supplement plans.

Now, don’t be fooled by the Medicare part of these plans. They don’t actually come from Medicare directly. Yes, Medicare decides how much coverage each plan has and even decides which plans will be made available from year to year, but everything else is basically up to the private companies that sell the plans.


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Unlike Medicare’s base plan, you buy supplement plans through insurance companies, such as Mutual of Omaha, AARP and others. They sell more than just Medicare supplement plans, so make sure you know what you are getting. These plans can be called Medigap plans or supplemental Medicare plans as well.

As the name would suggest, these plans work in additional to the base plan, giving you more coverage on things that Medicare only partially covers or completely covers things Medicare doesn’t cover at all. They can come in very useful if you have lots of extra expenses to pay and are having trouble paying them yourself. The supplement plans aren’t for everyone, but for those that need them, they can make it much easier to afford medical care.


Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

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What the Plans Cover

We have only spoken about these plans in a general sense up until now. It’s time to look at what they can cover you for specifically. Now, there are a total of 10 different plans. Each one covers some of the same basic things, but they all differ a bit. For instance, one plan, Plan F, will cover all the supplemental expenses. Plan N, on the other hand, covers a bit less, but covers many of the same things as Plan N. So, what do they cover?

Well, let’s look at Plan F, since it covers everything. If you were to sign up for Plan F, you would get coverage for hospice care’s co-payment, nursing care coinsurance, Medicare Part A’s deductible, hospital expenses coinsurance, Medicare Part B’s deductible, Part B co-payment, Part B’s excess charges, some extra blood each year and foreign travel exchange.

That’s ample coverage for even the person who is in terrible health and is in and out of the hospital constantly. Most people aren’t going to need that much coverage, but even if you do, then you would probably be better off with Plan G or Plan N instead. They cover about the same as Plan F (just a bit less) and tend to cost much less.

The Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 are able to meet just about any coverage needs you may have. There are plans that only cover a few of those items listed above. These are ideal for people who are in relatively good health but who have some persistent problems that they need care throughout the year for. You can find what plan suits you and covers your individual expenses, and then go with that plan to ensure you aren’t wasting money on coverage you don’t need.

Choosing the Best Plan and Provider

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You have a lot of choices, and one you get to looking at all the Medicare supplement plans and the coverage they offer, you might be surprised at the sheer number of options. Once you’ve figured out the right plan for you, though, then you have to determine which insurance provider has the best deal for you. Don’t just look at price, however. You should also look at the availability of the plan you are wanting, the perks that come from signing up with that particular company, and their stability and customer service record. These things are important, and they will matter more and more to you over time as you stay subscribed to the plan.

If you want to find the best rates on the plan you have decided to go with, then you should compare the rates using our free service provided on our website. We have a quote generator there that can quickly find you multiple rates from a few different providers. Just input the plan you are interested in and our generator will get you several quotes in moments.

You will be able to see how the various insurance providers stack up against one another and see for yourself who has the best rates. Those rates do change over time, even if the coverage the plans offer does not. You can keep coming back to our site and see those rates change using our generator without having to pay anything at all. We offer this service freely to you, and you can use it to be equipped with the knowledge to make a smart decision.

You definitely want to compare the plans as well. take time to look at the coverage they offer and how that coverage matches up to what you need out of a plan. You may even realize that you don’t need any of the supplement plans, once you look at your finances and medical expenses and compare them to what the plans offer.

Then again, you could find that one of the plans is a perfect fit. If you do your research now, then you will know when 2018 comes around which plan you should go with. If you check out rates ahead of time as well, then you will know which provider to buy the plan from as well.

The coverage on these plans isn’t changing for right now. Medicare has promised they will stay the same through 2018, so you can search now and find the best Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018 for you.


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