Medicare Supplemental Plans 2018

Medicare’s supplemental coverage includes ten different plans, which can be a lot for anyone to look through. How do you tell which are the best Medicare Supplemental Plans for 2018? We may not be able to tell you which plans are right in your situation, because we don’t know what your healthcare needs or your finances are like, but we can tell you how to find the right plan.

We are going to show you what these plans have to offer you as far as coverage, then you can compare that with what you need and find the best insurance coverage.

Coverage You May Need

Medicare Supplemental plans for 2018 can cover all sorts of different medical expenses for you. There are a lot of things that your basic Medical plan won’t cover for you, and these supplementary plans can just be added onto your current Medicare basic plan and take care of the remainder for you. You will need to have a basic Medicare plan to sign up for one of the supplemental plans, though, and you can only sign up for one of these supplement plans at a time.


medicare supplement plans 2018


Supplemental Medicare plans can cover you for Medicare Part A deductibles as well as for Part B deductibles. Not many of them will take care of the Part B one, though. That’s something that you will generally have to pay for on your own.

Supplemental plans can also cover you for Part B excess charges, for nursing care coinsurance and for pints of blood. Some of these are going to be covered completely for you, while others will be covered only partially, depending on the plan you pick. There are all sorts of coverage options available from the ten different plans.

You could also be covered for your Medicare Part A coinsurance and your Part B coinsurance. These are common items to have covered under the supplement plans. Additionally, you could be covered for foreign travel exchange, which is not very common for most, people, and this is coverage for emergency transport outside the United States.

All in all, that is a lot of coverage that is available, but only Plan F is going to cover all of it. The other plans will cut off a bit here or only cover items partially there. You will have to decide how much coverage you need and which plan is a good fit for you.

Signing up for Supplemental Coverage

Before you choose one of the supplement plans, you need to know what it takes to be eligible for them and what you need to do to retain your coverage.

First, you cannot have any additional insurance that would overlap. If you already have a plan that covers some of the same ground as the supplement plans, like employer coverage or an Advantage plan, then you need to drop that first. There will be overlap between those plans with the supplement plans, and Medicare won’t let you pay for the same coverage twice.

This applies to if you want to keep your supplemental coverage as well. If you sign up for one of the best Medicare Supplemental Plans in 2018 and then later decide that you want a Medicare Advantage plan, then you must drop the supplement plans. The overlap problem will keep you from having both.

You can also only be signed up for one supplement plan at a time. They all overlap with one another in some way, so you need to choose carefully which plan you want to go with. You can change your plan later and get something else, but you must drop the plan you are on to sign up for a new one.


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You should be eligible for a Medicare Supplement plan if you already have the regular Medicare Original plan. Generally speaking, anyone who is 65 or older is eligible for Medicare Supplemental plans, but there are exceptions, so it’s always best to check first before getting too deep into these plans.

The Best Price

Finding the best supplement plans is about more than just getting the best coverage for you. It’s also important to get the best price on the plan you are interested in. Once you have decided that you want to sign up for supplemental coverage and you have picked out the plan you like, then you need to start comparing prices. The prices won’t affect coverage at all, so there is no need to worry about that. You can get great deals on supplemental coverage plans without ever sacrificing coverage.

It’s it important that you understand that Medicare regulates and guarantees coverage on all the supplement plans. While private companies sell the plans instead of Medicare, they cannot change the coverage on them just because they want to offer people a higher or lower price than normal. Only Medicare can make changes to the coverage on these plans.

To get the best price, you simply need to source quotes from as many insurance providers as you can for the plan you have chosen. Pick out one or two plans you are interested in and then request quotes for them from as many sources as possible. It may be a waste of time to go to the individual insurance providers and ask for quotes. Instead, use a price comparison site for supplemental insurance, and you should have your quotes quickly and efficiently. Then it is a simple matter to compare the prices to find the best tone.

You can save money on supplemental insurance and still be covered for all the things you need to be covered for. There are some great deals available if you are willing to track them down. Just be sure that you choose which Medicare Supplemental plans for 2018 are best for your situation. Only you know what is right for you, and only you can make sure that you get the best deal possible on the coverage you need.


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