Supplemental Insurance for Medicare 2018

For many people, Medicare alone is inadequate. It doesn’t cover all the medical expenses that they need to have covered, and it leaves them with too much to pay out of their pocket. As much as this basic plan covers- which is 80% of Medicare parts A and B- it could still leave them with many medical bills that they have trouble paying for from their current budget. Supplemental insurance for Medicare 2018 may be able to help those people.

Yes, it is more expensive to sign up for supplemental coverage on top of the basic Medicare plan, but that can leave people with a lot less to pay from their own finances. They can be covered for expenses they have trouble affording, and it often costs less to have those expenses covered by an insurance plan than to try to pay them on their own.

We are going to show you some options for supplemental coverage that are available to you. If you are having some trouble paying for your healthcare, then this may be the answer you need to get your budget and medical expenses under control.


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How to Purchase Supplemental Coverage

All Medicare supplement plans attach onto a basic Medicare plan, and you must start with that basic plan before you will be allowed to sign up for any supplemental plans. Supplemental Medicare plans, as known as Medigap, are not meant to be standalone coverage plans. They are designed to work in conjunction with the Medicare original.

Unlike Medicare original, you cannot buy the supplement plans through Medicare directly. Medicare has designed the plans, and it decides what they will cover, but you must purchase them through private insurance companies, like Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and others. These companies have a lot of freedom to pick and choose which plans they want to sell to you, and they have even greater freedom in setting prices on those plans. The premiums you pay for supplemental insurance can cover a wide range. That means you could pay a lot for supplemental coverage, but it also means that you can get a good deal if you take time to compare prices.

You can only buy one supplement plan at a time. Multiple plans offer too much of the same coverage, so Medicare will only allow you to have one of these at a time. If you don’t like how much coverage you are getting with the plan you signed up for, then you can simply cancel it and sign up for a different one.

How Supplement Plans Will Cover Your Expenses

Supplemental Insurance for Medicare 2018There are many different Medicare supplemental plans to choose from. Each one is different in small ways, so it’s worth looking at them all in turn to decide which one will be right for you. Supplemental insurance for Medicare 2018 is the same as it was last year. The coverage hasn’t changed in a little while, and it is not expected exchange through all of 2018. You’re safe looking at what’s being covered right now and assuming it will still all be intact when you are ready to buy in 2018.

With that in mind, let’s look at what these plans can cover for you. Keep in mind that each one is different but that they all draw from the same listed coverage items.

First off, we have the copayments and coinsurance that Medicare asks you to pay. These are leftover expenses from Original Medicare’s coverage. Do you remember that we said that basic plan will cover you for 80% of Medicare parts A and B? Well, a lot of that remaining 20% is covered by Supplement plans.

These plans can also cover you for hospice care, which is your in-hospital expenses, such as the cost of your room and various services you would receive while staying at the hospital. These are some of the biggest expenses anyone will accrue while being treated at a hospital, so it’s important to have them covered. Medicare’s basic plan provides some coverage for these expenses, but it runs out at a point. Medicare supplement plans can offer you up to 365 additional days of coverage to take over once the basic plan runs its course.


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Further coverage includes the deductibles for Medicare parts A and B. That’s an expense you must pay out of your own pocket before you can be covered by your basic Medicare care plan. If that’s covered for you by the supplement plan, then you should not have any out-of-pocket expenses to pay upfront.

You can also be covered for nursing care coinsurance as well as for some blood. The basic medical plan already covered you for several pints of blood, but supplement plans can go further and provide coverage for an additional three pints each year.

One item of coverage most people will not use but that is covered by several of the plans is foreign travel exchange. This takes care of up to 80% of your expenses for being transported for emergency medical care outside of the US. It’s possible that your actual emergency room costs will be covered under free government healthcare in whatever country you are treated in, but the cost of transportation might be more than you can handle. So, this coverage item can come in useful for those who travel often or who live near one of the US borders.

Supplemental pans can also cover you for Medicare Part B excess charges. This is an uncommon expense that only occurs when the hospital charges you for more than they are typically allowed to. It may not be a very large expense or a common one, which why it is only covered by a small percentage of the coverage plans.

Those are the items that Supplemental insurance for Medicare 2018 will cover you for. How much you are covered for and how much you must pay on your own will depend on which plan you choose.


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